Jacqueline Pettitt

Born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Jacqueline has always had a passion for creating. When it comes to designing and making things she always finds a way to teach herself the basics then goes on to add a personal touch. So why bow ties?

After discovering the world of Dr. Who her husband kept mentioning how he thought that "bow ties are cool". Challenge accepted. She set to work on her first ever bow tie and to her great surprise it looked great! A couple of months later her best friend asked if Jacqueline would be willing to supply bow ties for the groomsmen in her wedding. Absolutely. About four months after the wedding she was asked to supply the market at The St. James Tearoom with her product. At this point she realized that it was time to make things official.

The Pettitts then set off on their mission to create Sokol bow ties; with a desire to supply every man with the opportunity to be a gentleman and bring back a culture that embraces craft and civility. Each bow tie is hand picked and hand made.