Why hello there, Sir!

For our first post we feel that we should explain a little bit more about the design of our bow ties and the "why" behind it. Although our bow ties come in multiple patterns and colors, the overall design remains the same for each one. It's simple. Basic, even. Not without reason, however. Our mission at Sokol is to bring out the Everyday Gentleman by supplying them with a product that they can easily add to their outfit for any occasion. In doing this we would also like to create a culture that takes tying a bow tie back to the basics. In other words, you won't see any pre-tied, clip on, or even adjustable bow ties here. What we sell is a classic, old-fashion, self-tie bow tie. We believe that if you are going to use a bow tie to express yourself you should know its fundamentals.

The first step is knowing what size your neck is. Neck sizes for grown men typically range from 14 inches to 18 inches (there are exceptions, and now is probably a good time to mention that we do take special orders; all you have to do is send us an email). The way to find out the size of your neck is find some measuring tape (preferably the kind used for sewing and not for constructing) which you can either borrow from your mother or purchase for less than $2 at a local fabric store. Once you have your (sewing) measuring tape wrap it around the base of your neck leaving a slight bit of wiggle room (to account for your shirt) and voila you have your size!

The next step is a little more complicated and will take a good amount of time, however it will be worth it in the end. Now you must learn how to tie your bow tie. We are currently working on an instructional video that can help you in this endeavor, but it is not yet ready. In the meantime we suggest you take lessons from this guy (the video is a bit long, but it comes with a great explanation):

          How To Tie a Bow Tie Video

We encourage you to take the opportunity and learn what you can about bow ties and not just wear them because it is a recurring trend. Have fun!