The origin of the bow tie can be traced back to early Croatian working men. In those days it was simply a scarf wrapped around the neck to keep the top of the shirt closed. It was practical, looked great, and once you got the hang of it, easy to tie.

Although the bow tie has changed a lot since those days we are partial to the original version. It wasn't pompous, arrogant, or flashy. It wasn't for special occasions or to promote class, but something for the everyday working man.



Simply put, sokol means "hawk" in croatian. We chose this mighty bird in particular to represent our ideas on why a bow tie should be a part of every man's outfit. We did not choose a peacock, which uses it's feathers to bring attention to itself, but instead, a hardworking raptor. A bird of prey, who's sleek aerodynamic body and slender feathers help it to survive in a rapidly changing environment. It's a hard-working bird, at the top of it's food-chain. 

The world is a rapidly changing eco-system, and you need to be at the top of your game. We've designed our bow ties with you in mind. It's an effortless way to express your individuality, everyday. Our bow ties won't fly up into your face on a windy day (unlike a certain other "tie"), but stay right where it should be. We've designed our bow ties to work as hard as you do. 


We also try and use recycled fabrics whenever we can in an effort to cut down on the 13.1 million pounds of textiles that are trashed every year. So while your out there climbing the corporate ladder, making the next great film, or just hanging out around the town, you can feel pretty good about what you're wearing.